A social media platform for people interested in Japanese culture

SomeTaku is a personal project I’m working on that will allow people that are interested in Anime, Manga and Figure collecting to find more of what they love.


At the moment, although it’s a work in progress, SomeTaku has discovery at it’s core and that’s what you can see here.

For example, if there’s a series you like, perhaps there’s a manga that it originated from, or perhaps there’s a range of figures you can buy. SomeTaku is all about making the experience of finding these things out much easier.

I’m currently working on adding user accounts into the design which will include user onboarding, profiles, reviews and more, which will make SomeTaku a place for users to keep coming back to.


To inform many of the decisions I would need to make going forward with the design of SomeTaku, I interviewed some people that are interested in Japanese culture to gain some insight into what they would find useful.

I used the information I gained to create the personas below. They would help me come up with ideas for the site and keep the design from losing focus.


For this project, I decided to use Sketch 3 for wireframing because I wanted to see if I would benefit much from wireframing using the same tool I use for my design comps.

I have to admit, working in Sketch for wireframes was a little slower than using Balsamiq, although I put that mostly down to not having a library of assets to drag and drop into the project. However, I’ve not got that library available as I created a bunch of wireframe elements while working on the wireframes, so the next project should be much quicker.

Ultimately, the payoff was worth it. Moving from wireframes to design comps was a breeze, and while I’m sure I could tighten the process even more, this was a great start.

Responsive design

Mobile devices and tablets should always be at the forefront of any web design, and here, I’ve made sure to optimise the experience for such devices.