On The Level

Designing a fresh and vibrant video game blog for an emerging video games commentator

A fresh video game blog

On The Level wanted a site that allowed them to write blog posts about video games and publish their monthly podcast.


The finished design enables users to browse video game articles, listen to the site’s monthly podcast and watch any youtube videos with a quick link to their Youtube channel. It’s also about exposure and allowing users connect with the blogger view social media and watching live streams on Twitch.


This was my first time using Balsamiq for wireframing. Previously I’d do them on paper and in Photoshop. I decided to use Balsamiq Mockups because I had heard it was pretty quick and easy to get into.

While it was indeed quite speedy, I felt that if I had done the wireframes in my primary design tool (Photoshop or currently Sketch 3), the transition from wireframing to design comps could have been much smoother.

Responsive design

Mobile devices and tablets should always be at the forefront of any web design, and here, I’ve made sure to optimise the experience for such devices.